Trackmobile Railcar Movers

Steel Wheel Weight Transfer Advantage

Trackmobile Inc., a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the originator of the mobile railcar mover, a vehicle with a bi-modal transport system providing an efficient and economical means of switching railcars within industrial plants and railroad terminals.

More than 10,000 Trackmobile Mobile Railcar Movers are in service in over 60 countries. Built-in narrow, standard, or wide gauge with the specific coupler type required by each system used in every conceivable application.

This wide range of applications attests to the versatility of the Trackmobile product line and to the Trackmobile policy of producing special features and special machines to meet the customer’s requirements.

Tractive efforts range from 27,014 lbs to 48,500 lbs.

Railcar Mover Models


With a weight of 49,000 lbs and a 260 HP Tier III Engine creating tractive effort from 32,350 lbs to 48,500 lbs, this heavy duty Trackmobile will handle your larger railcar moving needs.

Easy maintenance helps keep your machine and your crews on the job. The wide opening access door to engine invites more frequent checks. In addition to ground level access to all routine service points, we offer these convenient service features making maintenance easy and reducing downtime:

  • Grouped service points
  • Easy-to-change and access filters
  • See-through fluid reservoirs / sight gauges
  • Accessible external disc brakes
  • Advanced diagnostic monitor and test ports
  • Long life steel wheels


With a weight of 35,720 lbs and a 165 HP Tier III Engine creating tractive effort from 28,123 lbs to 45,870 lbs, this midrange Trackmobile will handle your railcar moving needs. Ballast package available for additional weight and tractive effort.

Safety is at the forefront of all Trackmobile engineering designs. In addition to slip-resistant surfaces, abundant lighting, and crossover decks with steel bar tread ladders, Hercules also offers these standard and Optional* safety features:

  • Hydraulic Lock-Out
  • Coupler Camera and In-cab Display Screen
  • Ramped Throttle Control – Quick and Slow
  • CAN-Bus Control System
  • On Board Diagnostic System
  • and more…


With a weight of 34,360 lbs and a 130 HP Tier III Engine creating tractive effort from 27,014 lbs to 44,850 lbs, this low range Trackmobile will meet your minimal railcar moving needs. Ballast package available for additional weight and tractive efforts.

The Viking is Trackmobile’s nimblest capacity model. It is the replacement for 75% of the original railcar movers sold.

  • 4 cylinder engine sized for optimal fuel efficiency and high idle time
  • Three access points to body frame deck
  • 15 cfm air compressor std. equipment, 100 cfm air compressor option available
  • Cross over deck

See a Trackmobile in action!

Your Upper Midwest Trackmobile Supplier

Herc-U-Lift offers railcar mover support in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. Our coverage is one of the largest in the nation.

We offer:

  • New & Used Equipment Sales
  • Short and Long Term Rental Equipment
  • Parts & Service
  • Resident Technicians located throughout the Upper Midwest in order to provide quick and timely repairs.

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