Genuine & Heavy Duty


Stone and concrete call for genuine heavy-duty handling. Kalmar Forklift trucks with up to 50 tonnes lifting capacity are designed and built for tough demands down to the finest detail. They offer a high level of reliability and a long life span. This type of handling is not only heavy. The loads are often awkward and fragile as well, which places strict demands on the lifting equipment.

An extremely demanding environment with long shifts, heavy loads and high demands on accessibility. The steel industry is a real test of manhood for forklift trucks, reach stackers and terminal tractors, which could be why you see so many Kalmar machines there. Needless to say, the fundamental factor is the machines’ high quality, although our continually developing service solutions are equally important. Whatever the environment a machine will be working in, we can tailor a maintenance package. And in an industry as tough as steel, service quality will sooner or later be a critical factor in efficiency and accessibility.

Full line of Kalmar Equipment Available

Kalmar Forklift 5 – 9 tons will challenge your expectations. It is a series of forklift trucks where power and precision combine to provide you with the best set of conditions possible for fast, safe and economical handling.

A robust design and finely-tuned drivelines lie at the foundation of this truck’s simple, smooth operation. Integrated intelligence and a whole series of selectable functions make it even easier for drivers to do their job while minimising the risk of damage to the goods being handled.

Kalmar Forklift machines are in a league of their own when it comes to driving sensation, smart handling and visibility. Characteristics that together with high quality, long life and simple servicing lay the right foundations for efficient wotking – with superior overall economy.

The Kalmar Forklift 9-18 tonnes is also easy to adapt to your needs. Choose from a host of unique solutions, where advanced electronics rationalise handling and make it safer than ever – all on your terms. Welcome to a total feeling of control.

Available with forks or special attachments for true heavy-duty power and functionality. The Kalmar Forklift cab can be either centre- or side-mounted, achieving the best visibility for all applications.

Heavy-duty engines, transmissions and hydraulics; tilting cab for easy maintenance access. Electronic control options for automatic gear change and monitoring make for easy operation and fault diagnosis. The new Kalmar Forklift RoRo for powerful handling with reduced environmental impact.