A Terex Brand

With over 50 years of innovations, Genie’s focus has continued to be on the needs of its consumers. Even the name itself came from how impressed customers were by the “magic in the bottle” that was used to raise and lower the hoist.

Over the years, Genie has continued to add to their product line beyond material lifts to include: man-lifts, stick booms, articulated booms, light towersandlers. With its plethora of products, Genie equipment is used by a variety of industries across the globe.

Telescopic Boom Lifts are made to not only extend the reach, but also increase efficiency and productivity. Maximum platform heights reach from 40-feet to over 150-feet, with horizontal reach from 30-feet to 90 feet and capacity reaching 1,000 lbs.

As seen in the S-40 and S-45, these units are designed to move in areas with limited work space. These models have a 360◦ continuous rotation for quick repositioning. To maintain equal power to all drive wheels and increase terrain ability, these units have positive traction drive and automatically adjust axle position.

Slab Scissor Lifts are easily mobile, allowing operators to drive around tight indoor and outdoor worksites with firm, level surfaces. These units, known for their low noise levels, provide capacity up to 750lbs. and can work up to 70-feet high.

Genie’s Aerial Work Platforms provide are conveniently easy to be set up and compact, making them ideal for interior work on an array of jobsites. Light and compact, these units can be set up by one person, making them both easy to use and cost effective.

Maximum working height can reach up to 50-feet, a capacity of 300 to 350lbs.